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How we work

From defining the right problems to finding the right solutions.

01. Research

With 10 years experience in Digital having working for successful startups and winning some awards. We have spotted a lot of problems to solve on the way. With our deep expertise, we can now spot the solutions and have all the know-how to make them happen !

Ines showing that there is a square on the board

02. Strategy

We elaborate and define the right solutions taking in account the budget and in a very LEAN approach. With a dedicated team, we define the right technical specifications and try to standardize/mutualize them between projects of the studio.

Oh my god, Fix doesn't have place for this paper board

03. Fly little bird, fly...

We develop the project till the MVP stage with a LEAN methdology. When it's time to go to scale. We found the good partners and investors to get in the plane with fun and beers ! And as a parrot, we repeat again.

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky !

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